Tuesday, February 19

Buy or die.

Tix on sale now for:

Monday, March 3 @ 7:30PM

Launching the NEO Spotlight Series at the York Theatre!

Join composer/lyricist Adam Gwon and friends for an evening of brand-new songs and excerpts from Adam's musicals Ordinary Days and Ethan Frome. Lending their uber-talents will be Jill Abramovitz, Jared Gertner, Michael Hunsaker, and Natalie Weiss, with the fab-o Vadim Feichtner at the keys.

Tickets are $20 and are available here.

Guys: I'm performing in this one (no, that's not a typo), which is totally terrifying...in a good way. So come on out, be rowdy, and shower me with moral support!

Friday, February 15

Mandate of the Man Date.

I think I've missed a memo somewhere, re: man dates.

Rewind about a month ago. I went on a date with a dude I met on New Years. We went to dinner, and afterwards, he announced that he was going to go grocery shopping. So, I said, goodnight, and a-grocery shopping he went.

The next day I happened to see my friend through whom I met the dude.

"Oh, yeah," she said. "It was a cue. You were supposed to go grocery shopping with him. [Emphasis mine.] He was confused."


I told this little episode to my friend Lanna, who gets a kick out of the Stunning Failures of the guys I date.

"I was supposed to go grocery shopping with him?" I asked.

"Red flag," snorted Lanna. "Red flag."

Fast-forward to the present. Met a guy for coffee, and when we were through, he said he was going to Best Buy, and did I want to come with.

"Sure," I said, having some time to kill.

We went to Best Buy and played Nintendo together.

So, apparently guys like to share mundane retail experiences with one another. Who knew.

Next time I'm out with a guy, I'll bring along that towel rack I've been meaning to return to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I mean, a return must be, like, second base.

Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 13

Yo' momma on YouTube.

OK, not your momma. Songs of mine.

Check out some clips here. And here. And here and here.

Sunday, February 10

Diddy daddle.

I was flipping channels the other day, and up comes a commercial for the TV adaptation of A Raisin in the Sun, starring none other than P. Diddy.

Excuse me, I mean Sean Combs.

There was something about Mr. Diddy-Combs' performance in the commercial that didn't ring true. I remember when this stage production was on Broadway a couple years ago, and Diddy/Sean was greeted with middling reviews. But I couldn't figure out why he seemed so fake, so unbelievable in the clips on the commercial.

I continued channel surfing, and the answer was revealed to me.

On MTV was an episode of Diddy's show "Making the Band." The Didster was laying in to one of the contestants on the show, who apparently had a bad attitude. His words were so...striking...that I actually wrote them down:

DIDDY: There's a very contagious disease in our community. The disease of bitchassness.

Okay, sorry, before we continue, I have to preface: Diddy was delivering these lines with the utmost, intense seriousness. Now where were we...

DIDDY: There's a very contagious disease in our community. The disease of bitchassness. Do you have some bitchassness in you? DO YOU???? Because I saw some bitchassness in you when you were talking to your girl. There will be NO BITCHASSNESS at Bad Boy Records.

See, I totally believed P'Sean Diddicombs in that scene. Which is, I suppose, why I didn't believe him in the other. Lorraine Hansberry, I hope you're taking notes.

Please God someone end the writers' strike.