Monday, July 28

Ordinary Days extended through August 9th!

That's right, you've got an extra week to make it out to Pennsylvania Centre Stage for the world premiere of Ordinary Days.

Read what the critics are saying!

Get your tickets now...

Thursday, July 17


Ordinary Days has been selected for this year's NAMT festival. Read all about it here -- you'll see I'm in excellent company!

Wednesday, July 16

Dairy days.

If you're able to travel to central Pennsylvania in the next few weeks, I'd of course love for you to come see the world premiere of Ordinary Days. But there's another pressing reason why you should make the trek out to State College, PA.


You may not know that the Penn State campus is home to the nation's largest university creamery, and it's a mere 10 minute walk from Pennsylvania Centre Stage. Though the line usually stretches waaaay out the door, holymotherofgod their yogurt is the best yogurt I've ever had. I'm partial to the Light Boysenberry. I want to bathe in a large vat of it.

it is good yogurt.

So, come, see some musical theater, eat some yogurt. It's all worth the trip. ;)

Saturday, July 5

Extra, extra.

The Washington Post and The New York Times write about the new commissioning program at Signature Theatre. Check it out!

And yes, PS, I am one of the composers who is "still developing ideas" for what I'm going to work on...but hopefully I'll have some news to share on that front soon!

Wednesday, July 2

OMG, my nephew is the cutest baby ever.

July 2008 edition:

Tuesday, July 1

MCC Theater Youth Company End-of-Year Readings.

I just had the most fun I've had in a long time working on a show for the Youth Company at MCC Theater. Jenny Martinez, a high school senior in the company, wrote an amazing and raucous musical that we workshopped and added music to for a presentation tonight at the Rattlestick. There were also two plays presented by youth company playwrights and they were all incredible. A special shout-out to Jenny, our up-for-anything cast: Gabrielle Stravelli, Barrett Foa, Sal Sabella, Daniel Sergio and Apples Vargas, MCC education guru John DiResta, and Lucy Thurber for inviting me on board! So much fun.