Tuesday, June 30

Pina Bausch.

I read the sad news today that Pina Bausch, my favorite favorite artist, has passed away. Her exquisitely beautiful dance-theater pieces lit up my soul every two years when they came to BAM, and she will be greatly missed.

I first saw a Pina Bausch piece my freshman year at NYU, at the suggestion of my directing teacher Jim Peck. My friend Lauren and I hopped on the subway toward Brooklyn, only to discover, halfway to Coney Island, that we were on the wrong train. We doubled back, and ran up to the BAM box office just in time to nab two student rush tickets -- for less than the price of a movie ticket -- smack dab in the middle of the first row of the mezzanine.

For the next three hours I set mesmerized watching what, really, transcends any description I could write here. Over the past decade I've seen every Pina Bausch show that's come to New York, and every time I've been re-energized by her signature blend of beauty and humor, athleticism and elegance.

Pina, I shall miss thee, but you and your work live on in those whose lives you've touched -- not least of which is mine.

Here are some photos I quickly culled from the web of Pina Bausch's work. Ah, the memories.

Saturday, June 20


"Sitzprobe" is a funny-sounding word which means the rehearsal when the singers and the orchestra rehearse together for the first time. Check out some pics from yesterday's sitzprobe for Ordinary Days!

Orchestrator Andy Einhorn contemplates changes in the score.

Cellist Allison Seidner marks it up.

The band plays on.

All you really need for a sitzprobe: a score, and Shake Shack.

Come check out the show at Adirondack Theatre Festival, opening next week, and hear the beautiful orchestration for yourself! Tickets and info at www.atfestival.org.

Thursday, June 4

Just announced!

Ordinary Days is gonna be at the Roundabout Theatre Company this fall! Read about it in Variety and Playbill.

I'm very excited not only because, well, it's the Roundabout, but because I actually used to work there a few years ago, so it's a strange, unexpected homecoming. Performances will start in October, and tickets will go onsale in August -- stay tuned for more details!

Also, please watch this hilarious and unrelated YouTube video.