Wednesday, May 21

Me encanta Tres Ninas.

Holy crap this was good. Go see it.

Friday, May 16

This one's for Liz.

We'll miss you!

But I'll be coming to visit in no time at all!

Tuesday, May 13

Gwon across the pond.

Ordinary Days lands in London this fall!

(And of course you can see it more locally in Pennsylvania this summer!)

Saturday, May 10

To Wii or not to Wii.

I was walking in the 42nd Street subway station last night, and in the distance I spotted a man handing out pamphlets that said:

Free Wii.

My heartbeat quickened. Visions of me lazing about the apartment, playing Super Mario Galaxy danced in my head. I stepped up my pace, approaching the man with a determined glint in my eye.

It wasn't until my arm was outstretched, palm open to accept the man's offering, that I noticed that the flyer actually said:

Free Will.

Apparently, the pamphlet was one in a series of pseudo-philosophical-maybe-Scientological-mumbo-jumbo, and not an incentive from the Church of Nintendo.

I was much less excited.

Thursday, May 1

Name drop alert.

I was having dinner with Mo Rocca and some friends at Pastis the other night...

(End of pretentiousness.)

...and he had just been filming this hi-lar-i-ous segment for his blog:

I have to admit, the video is not quite as funny as Mo acting out the whole interview at the dinner table. But it's still quite a riot.