Thursday, August 9

Ethan Frome sings.

Well, in my world he does.

The creative and producing team behind my Ethan Frome musical ("Team Frome," as we are affectionately known) has started a blog chronicling our ever-creeping journey towards an off-Broadway debut in a new blog, which I've helpfully added to my BlogRoll. The cool thing (to me) about this particular project is that the creatives (the writers, the director, the orchestrator, the MD) as well as the co-producers (Lively Arts Productions) are all under 30, and we've made it our mission to "live the dream" with this show and do it all ourselves (with, of course, the support of the York Theatre Company, an off-Broadway non-profit that's been around since before most of Team Frome's parents even met).

I'll probably be contributing some blog posts to Ethan Frome Sings as we continue our rocky quest for the holy grail -- er, I mean, an off-Broadway production. So, I hope you'll check it out every now and then. It's like a reality show, except it's actually real!


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