Thursday, July 5

The glasses, half-full.

To spice things up a bit this summer, I have taken to wearing my glasses more. I've actually had my glasses for a couple years now; I purchased them in a fit of Peter Cooper-esque foresight back when I was leaving my full-time job and its full-time insurance plan, and mostly have donned them just for driving. Here is a before and after shot of my bespectacled transformation:

Sans spectacles

Avec spectacles

It's true, wearing my glasses makes me look more like a) an L-train rider and b) an up-and-coming musical theater writer, two things which, I suppose, I am, but which sometimes I like to pretend I'm not. But, much like my practice of dyeing my hair abnormal colors during my college years, wearing the specs makes me feel like a slightly different person than before, and July is a good month for finding personal renewal.

And heck, I can even see things better. Go figure.


Blogger demdiva said...

Funny, i just got some fashion spex similar to yours for "grown up sophisticate" purposes. Me likee.

4:50 PM  

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